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The 18th south China international printing sif forum Date:March,9-11,2011 Address: China import and export fair pazhou A area(Subway XinGang East Station A exports ) Hall Position:4101 Exhibits:DeGuan High pressure Fans Hope to all customers to visit and ne..
Date:23 Sep 2010---26 Sep 2010 Place:WuHan International Exhibition Center - AF12 Exhibits:Fan series,Deceleration machine series,Small motor series,Inverter series,Motor series
  Date:July,27-30,2010 Address: The Beijing China international exhibition center   - 1A 004 Exhibits: blower series, Reducer series, Small motor series, Inverter series, Motor series Hope to all customers to visit and neg..
Date:april ,07-09,2010 Location:Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center - 1A81,HoujieDongguan Exhibits: Fan Series Welcome to the industry to talk!
  Date:March,9-11,2010 Location: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Hall -8042, Guangzhou , China Exhibits: Fan Series; reducer series; small motor; inverter series; motor
  Date:March,28-31,2010 Location: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre - 2F31, 38 Exhibits:industrial vacuum series ; slow down a series of small motor ; small series of electrical ;series of electrical
Time: April 7, 2009 ---- April 10, 2009 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center V10C (Shanghai Longyang 2345) Exhibits: Fan series; reducer series; small motor series; inverter series; motor series Hope that all customers, when the ti..
Time: March 28, 2009 ----- March 31, 2009 Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center - 9J22-23 Exhibits: Fan series; reducer series; small motor series; inverter series; motor series
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