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Since its inception, the "starting point, high standards and strict requirements" of quality management approach in product development, committed to professional transmission products, research and production, while agents and sales part of the internationally renowned brands transmission products, in order to maximize in order to perfect, a full range of services to meet customer demand.

The company adhering to the "integrity of robust, innovative refinement, dedicated service" business philosophy, vision and size up the situation and actively implement information management, enterprise information to build neural networks, to enhance enterprise's comprehensive competitiveness, staff and departmental performance appraisal refine and standardize business internal management processes; the establishment of a rapid customer response mechanism, and strongly enhance customer satisfaction, and the deliberate pursuit of product perfection; continuous exploration, innovation, beyond the self; so that enterprises embark on a stable, efficient and sustainable development path, so that enterprises in the always keep the same industry leading position. Peng Du Xin more than a decade since the products have been all over the country provinces and cities of the region, won the customers trust!

We will also market demand, technological innovation as the support, in order to feature the development of the, as always, the dedication for the new and old customers with the highest quality products, technologies and services. And continue through institutional innovation, organizational innovation, technological innovation, the pursuit of enterprises are to achieve large-span, leaps and bounds; to achieve sustainable development.

We are not all-powerful providers, manufacturers, but we may allow you to feel satisfied with the quality service and technical support!

Select a product supplied by Peng Du Xin is your wise decision, it will make your products in the market have a stronger competitive edge!

Peng Du Xin main products are: 1. High-pressure fan 2. Medium-pressure fan 3. Industrial vacuum cleaner 4, gear reducer; 5, worm gear speed reducer; 6, cycloidal reducer, stepless variable speed motor; 7, a small gear motor; 8 , ordinary brake motors, general motors; 9, DC DC motor; 10, linear bearings, slide, slide; 11, straight screw, guide rod; 12, high pressure air series; 13, inverter; 14, precision cam splitter

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